Maryland ministers seek to comfort and counsel Texas mass shooting victims

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PIKESVILLE, MD -- Reverends Gail Fiedler and Joyce DeFoor of Doxa Ministries Church Without Walls, feel it’s their duty to come to the aid of those suffering after 26 people lost their lives Sunday, in a horrific mass shooting at First Baptist Church  in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

They said, if only just to listen, they want to help.

“We have found that it helps people to talk and sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger; a person that doesn’t know or whatever. That we can be just an ear to hear and just encourage them.”, said Rev. DeFoor.

Authorities in Texas have said that the shooting spree stemmed from a domestic situation, which, in turn, killed people ranging from 18-months to 77-years-old.

Just last month Reverends Fiedler and DeFoor found themselves in Harford County, Maryland to pray for the victims of a workplace shooting where three people were killed.

Before that, they made the trip to West Nickel Mines in 2006 to comfort the victims of a school shooting in Pennsylvania.

 Rev. Fiedler explained that they don't want to just be there to show face, but, “We want to link arms with the community. To let them know that this is the United States of America and when one hurts, we all hurt.”

The two ministers are accepting donations via their church website for the victims and are setting up a GoFundMe page to help get them on their way. 

They are also collecting donations for the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Maria.

To the Sutherland Springs community, Rev. Fiedler said, “We want you to know that we stand strong with Sutherland Springs. We stand strong with you.”

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