Police searching for man wanted in Subway armed robbery

LARGO, Md. -- Prince George’s County Police are offering up to $2500.00 for information about an armed robbery at the Subway sandwich shop on Campus Way South last Friday.

 “This is no good, no, this is no good.”, said Masoud who works next door to the sandwich shop chain where police said a man, caught on camera holding a large knife, is wanted for armed robbery.

Employees of the Subway would not go on camera, but say the incident happened around 7am, Friday.
Police say the man demanded cash and then ran off.

Derrick Mattocks is a regular Subway customer who says he had no idea about the armed robbery.

“I am quite surprised. I didn’t know anything about it. I come here quite often.”, said Mattocks.

 According to him,  the area is generally safe.

When asked if he’s concerned, Mattocks replied, “Not really, I’m concerned it’s happening everywhere. Crime is all over the place and I hope they don’t come back.”

Anyone with information on this armed robbery is asked to contact the Prince George’s County Police Department at (301) 772-4905 or 1-866-411-TIPS.