FCPS renames JEB Stuart High School to Justice High School

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FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA — After two years of debate, the Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) Board voted on Thursday night to rename J.E.B. Stuart High School to Justice High School.

The FCPS voted 7-4 in favor of renaming the school.

Board Members Sandra Evans, Dalia Palchik, Ryan McElveen, Ilryong Moon, Pat Hynes, Karen Keys Gamarra, and Chair Jane Strauss voted to change the name.

Board Members Thomas Wilson, Megan McLaughlin, Elizabeth Schultz, and Tamara Derenak Kaufax were opposed to the change.

Vice-chair Karen Corbett Sanders was absent from the vote.

Prior to the vote to change the name of the high school to Justice High School, members rejected motions to rename the school after Barbara Rose Johns, a Virginia resident who fought for school integration as a teen; Col. Louis G. Mendez, Jr., a WWII veteran and Fairfax County resident whose children attended J.E.B. Stuart High School; Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall; or drop the name J.E.B. from J.E.B. Stuart and simply call it Stuart High School.

The Justice High School motion was put forward by Evans, who represents the district that encompasses the school, and she said that the name Justice is meant to honor both Johns, Mendez, and Marshall.

FCPS Superintendent Scott Brabrand has to have an implementation report December 14 that will lay out how and when the new name will take effect. Brabrand said the report will also touch on whether to keep the school’s mascot name, the Raiders, or to recommend steps to choose a new one.