Smithsonian announces plans to renovate the National Air and Space museum

WASHINGTON, D.C – The Smithsonian has announced plans to renovate and revitalize the National Air and Space museum. They plan on also transforming it’s exhibitions.

The project is expected to take seven years and will be done on a schedule that allows current exhibitions to be open during the process. According to the Smithsonian’s announcement “The building will undergo complete refacing of the exterior cladding, replacement of outdated mechanical systems and other repairs and improvements. The visitor experience will also change when all of the museum’s 23 galleries and presentation spaces are updated or completely redone.”

The museum states that they plan on exhibitions to use “creative and dynamic techniques” to connect with visitors while at the museum and after they leave.  The exhibitions will be grouped according to theme to allow for easier navigation of the museum and a better experience for visitors.


The project is expected to start in the summer of 2018 and the new exhibits will open in 2021. For more information about what to expect you can visit their project website.