Frederick, Md. corn maze honors “America’s Superheroes”

FREDERICK, MD -- A farm in Frederick, Md. is paying tribute to the servicemen and women of the U.S. military with its corn maze.

Summers Farm named this year's maze "America's Superheroes" and making up the path of its 12-acre corn maze are logos for the five branches of the military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard).

"Superheroes are a big deal in the movies and comic books and different things like that. And yeah, they do a lot of crazy things, but we honestly believe that the men and women that serve this country are the real superheroes and they do amazing things," explained co-owner Jeff Greenwod. He added that the farm has been creating a corn maze for the past 21 years. They gained international attention in 2015, when the design featured musician Taylor Swift. "That's what our sole goal is with the corn maze design, is to connect and make an impact on the customer one way or the other."

Greenwood is a Navy veteran.

He added that the farm is also using the corn maze to raise awareness for a charity that benefits the military.

Operation Gratitude is a non-profit that sends care packages to service members posted overseas.

At the end of the maze, visitors are taken to a tent featuring the charity. Visitors are also encouraged to write postcards that will be included in the care packages.

Inside the tent, there is also a "Wall of Honor" that features photos of military service members, including friends and family members of farm employees and those of visitors to the farm.

The last day to try the maze is Oct. 31.