Residents speak out against plans to put in new cell towers in Montgomery County

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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- During Monday night’s meeting, Montgomery County residents sounded off against plans to erect new 30-foot cell towers in residential neighborhoods to broaden cell service and connectivity in the county.

Many voiced concerns over radiation from radio-frequency waves or RF emitted from those towers.

“How would you or the Chair of the FCC feel if we held a cell phone up to their child’s head 24/7. We feel that kind of passion, I feel that about my children, my neighbor’s children, about all these people here, so how can we fight them.”, said one of the audience members during the public hearing.

Gereard Lederer is part of outside telecom counsel who said that County officials have been working to update radio-frequency standards.

While some are calling for RF 'safe zones', others are calling on the county to take action against the FCC.

“File a suit against the Federal Communications Commission requiring them to carry out their statutory authority to regulate this.”, said one of the residents.

County officials have said that they are trying to find ways to make the plan for the new towers more compatible with neighborhoods.

Other concerns came up about the impact to property values. like this veteran who says During the hearing, a veteran who is also a resident, suggested that a fund be put in place to off set any issues that may arise because of the towers.

He said, “The fund would be used to compensate homeowners and conversely, it could compensate health issues and other issues that arise from this, throughout the county who lose value because of the close proximity to the cell tower.”

If these plans go through, residents would see work going into installing the new towers  20 days after the approval date.