Three killed in high speed police chase in Charles Co.

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WALDORF, Md.–Residents living along Route 925 and Billingsley Road in Charles County say the area where three young men, 24-year-old Luis Daboin of Hughesville, and two others from North Carolina were killed in an early Saturday morning police chase.

The Murray family, who just moved to the area from West Virginia, call the incident a tragedy.

“I mean, things like that happen anywhere. I guess there is no place that’s really immune to it. It’s very unfortunate, especially the fact that there were fatalities and it ended up in tragedy.”, said Heather Murray.

Police said the crash happened shortly after 2:00am when a Maryland State Trooper saw the driver of a black Honda Civic run a red light and driving on the wrong side of the road.
Police said, at one point, the car appeared to pull over for the Trooper who was attempting a traffic stop when the driver accelerated hard, going upwards of 100 miles per hour on route 925. That’s when police say the Trooper lost sight of car.

Police say the driver continued beyond Billingsley Road when he hit a highway median, became airborne, and crashed into a tree.

Daboin, they said, was sitting in the front seat.

Maryland State Police are still investigating.
Anyone with information is urged to contact the Maryland State Police 
LaPlata Barrack at (301)-392-1200.