Preliminary hearing for man accused of killing Muslim teen

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FAIRFAX, VA -- The family of a murdered teenager shouted at the man accused of killing her during a preliminary hearing on Friday.

As Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, was led into the courtroom at the start of the hearing, Nabra Hassanen's father shouted "You killed my daughter" and a shoe was thrown at the defendant.

The proceeding was put on hold while Fairfax County Sheriff's deputies cleared the courtroom.

When it resumed, Torres waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Darwin Martinez Torres

Torres is accused of killing Hassanen in June as she and her friends, who were observing Ramadan, walked back to their mosque. Fairfax County Police said it stemmed from a road rage incident.

"Everyday, I think about my daughter and I don’t want anything happening to nobody to lose his daughter like what I lose," said Hassanen's father, Mahmoud. "I love my daughter all my heart. She used to be very nice lady."

Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Morrogh said he will be presenting evidence to a grand jury on Monday and more charges may come from that. But he added he has seen no evidence that would lead to a hate crime charge as some have wanted, believing Hassanen's Muslim faith played a role in her murder.

When asked if this could become a capital case, Morrogh replied, "Anything's possible."

Morrogh said a trial date should be set on Thursday.