Fiery crash in SE sends teens to hospital; two critically injured

WASHINGTON, DC -- Two teenagers are critically injured after a fiery car crash in Southeast DC Sunday evening.

According to Metropolitan Police, the wreck happened just after 6:00 pm when a car full of teenagers went barreling down the hill on Hillcrest Drive.

Police say when the driver over corrected, the car hit a tree and then burst into flames.

Police say three teenagers, ranging from about 15 to 18 years old, were in the car, with the youngest in the backseat.

Police believe the teens were driving a stolen car, but they are not saying at this time whether the crash is the result of a police chase.

“There were three occupants. The rear seat passenger was assisted out by the police or assisted immediately after he got out of the car, it’s still unclear. And, the two front seat passengers were trapped in the car until the fire department knocked the fire down and then they had to cut them out, so they’re both in critical condition.”, said MPD Captain Ralph McLean.

Police say no charges have been filed as of yet, but that could change after they finish their investigation, which Captain McLean said could take a few days.