Arundel High School ’08 grad in a coma after Las Vegas shooting

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GAMBRILLS, Md. - Arundel High School says one of their graduates was shot in the Las Vegas massacre on Sunday night.

Tina Frost, a four-year varsity soccer player, graduated back in 2008.

She attended the country concert where police say Stephen Paddock opened fire on thousands of people.

Frost's father posted on Facebook saying that she was shot in the head just above her right eye, which she had to have removed in surgery.

He wrote that she was at the hospital with her boyfriend, but he was safe.

The girl's soccer team, lead by Coach Laura Coe, who also coached Tina, had amoment of silence at Old Mill High School where they played the Patriots on Tuesday night.

The players also had "Frost #9," with a heart, written on their wrists.

"As she was literally kicking the ball into the back of the net she would be smiling at you, and you wanted to be so mad at her because she’s so good, but you couldn’t, she just made everyone have more fun she was passionate about what she did," says Kevin Necessary, athletic director and P.E. teacher at Arundel High.

Some of Tina's former teachers, who also taught her two sisters, say they are still in disbelief.

Necessary was a coach at the time when Tina was at school, and frequently attended the girls' soccer games.

"Nothing ever becomes real until it’s somebody you know," says Kevin Necessary, athletic director and P.E. teacher at Arundel High. "All the mass shootings, they are real, and in no way, shape, or form, am I trying to underscore any of them but when somebody that you know, somebody that you had direct contact with and care for is involved in that, it really, really hits home."

"The most sweetest, kindest person in the school building," says Maryellen Towns, health teacher.

Tina's father's most recent post said that Tina had a good night on Monday night.

"Vitals and responses are good, no fever and she is fighting hard. When they have to move her, she sits up on her own, rolls herself and pushes the nurses away. She calms down when we say 'easy Tina,'" he wrote. "Her eye is swollen shut and she is on the ventilator and still in her coma, but it is encouraging."

"Keep the prayers coming, we have faith that good things will come, but they keep warning us on that brains are unpredictable and this is more of a marathon than a sprint," he wrote. "Tina is a great runner and very strong!"

A GoFundMe page, set up by a family friend, exceeded the fundraising goal in just a day, and more donations continue to pour in.

"That tells you right there the love and the reach this community has for that family," says Towns. "She’s a fighter and if somebody is going to take care of this business, Tina is going to take care of this business."