Former classmates remember Ashanti Billie

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – Sunday evening, many of Ashanti Billie’s former classmates gathered at Henry Wise High School to remember their dear friend and a young woman who they say had a positive impact in their lives.

“I just can’t believe it. It’s not fair. She was supposed to go to school, open a restaurant, and have kids. Things like this are not supposed to happen.”, said Selvin Marquina.

He along with friends of Billie were left heartbroken after learning that their friend and former classmate was found dead North Carolina.

Those close to Billie recalled the bright and bubbly person she was.

Taneis Hunter was in the same ROTC class with Billie and said, “She moved here from Texas and Billie was just awesome. Billie had a lot of energy. Billie was just an excitement to the school.”

Marquina spoke about how much Billie had helped him when they were in the same dance class together.

He said, “I was the only guy in my class and at first I was ashamed. I was embarrassed, but she helped me a lot. She told me multiple times to be myself, to not be ashamed, that even though we’re different, we’re special.”

Ashanti Billie’s remains were found Saturday in Charlotte, NC.
She had last been seen leaving a naval base in Norfolk, Virginia on September 18th.Sunday’s vigil was initially planned for her safe return home, but now they honor her memory.

Her best friend Diamond Armstrong said she felt numb when she heard the news.“For the person who did this, I don’t have much to say, but they’ll figure out what’s coming to them.”, said Armstrong.

Ashanti’s parents were not able to make the vigil, but thanked everyone for their support and called for more to be done to help find missing young adults.