Judge sentences former teachers aide to 100 years in prison for child sex abuse case

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PRINCE GEORGE'S CO., Md. - A judge sentenced a former Prince George's County Public Schools' teacher's aide to 100 years in prison for child sex abuse and pornography charges involving 23 different children.

Deonte Carraway, 23, pleaded guilty to the charges.

Back in August, he was sentenced by a federal judge to 75 years after pleading guilty to federal child pornography charges.

Prosecutors say he admitted to recording at least a dozen boys engaged in sexual acts inside Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School where he volunteered.

"Today's sentence is one that is fashioned to make sure Mr. Caraway never has the opportunity to walk freely among us as a community again," says State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks.

During the sentencing hearing, Carraway apologized to the families of the children, saying he was sorry and he hoped they could move on.

At one point, all of the parents of the victims stood up in the courtroom.

"This case it is very hard to quantify the pain that was caused by Mr. Carraway’s conduct," says Alsobrooks. "The families and the mothers and fathers in this case who cried in the courtroom today, hearing the story of the mother who has to wake up now every night because her son has nightmares, to track his nightmares to share it with his therapist."

In a news conference afterwards, Alsobrooks says they told the families they will continue to be there for them.

Last year, a task force made dozens of recommendations to the Prince George’s County Public School system on how it can improve student safety.

"This was an absolutely miserable failure on the part of the children in this case that were in our schools and in our community," Alsobrooks added. "I think that is the only intellectually honest thing to say in this case is that Mr. Carroway’s access to the children in this case was, it really does represent a miserable failure on our part, that we really cannot afford to see ever happen again."