Commonwealth’s Attorney rules shooting death of teen by PWC police officer justified

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HAYMARKET, Va. -- The Urbina family is fighting for justice as they grapple with the judgement that was handed down Tuesday by the Commonwealth's Attorney that the killing of their 15-year-old son, Ruben Urbina, by a Prince William County Police Officer was justified.

“Police are supposed to be here to protect, not destroy families like this.”, said Urbina's father, Oscar.

He says he and the rest of the family are heartbroken knowing that no charges will be filed in their son's death.

“Right now our lives are totally destroyed because right now we don’t know how to get up and go anymore. We don’t know what’s going to happen.”, said Mr. Urbina.

According to Police, Ruben Urbina called 9-1-1 shortly before 11am Friday saying he had a bomb strapped to himself and was holding his mother hostage. They said he was making threats against his family and telling them that he wanted to end his own life.

Once police arrived on scene, they said a man ran toward them in a panic saying his brother had a gun. That’s when, soon after, police say Urbina came toward an officer with a crowbar in a threatening manner and after being given several warnings, police said the officer shot him twice in fear of his own safety.

But Mr. Urbina believes in his son's innocence and said the situation should have been handled differently.

“My kid didn’t do nothing wrong and he’s innocent. And him, not making a choice of why, because he could’ve handled the situation by a taser. He’s just a little kid.", said Mr. Urbina.

Ruben Urbina was described as an honor roll student who came from a Christian home.

Relying on his faith, Mr. Urbina has said that he’s somehow found the strength to forgive.

He said, “Some kind of force woke me up in the morning and I wrote a letter of forgiveness. I don’t even know who the person is, but yea. I said, I don’t know who you are, if you have children or not, but you, like ourselves are going to carry this, what you did, it’s going to be whether it’s right or wrong in your eyes, it’s going to be with you the rest of your life.”

Oscar Urbina said that he and his family will seek out an attorney before moving forward with any civil case.

But, no matter what happens, he said he’s relying on divine justice to make things right.