Police looking for burglar accused of sexually assaulting woman near UMD

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. – University of Maryland Students living off campus are staying vigilant after police say a man broke into an apartment on Guilford Road around 3:10 on Saturday morning and sexually assaulted a woman.

Amanda Singer said, “I think it’s a really scary incident that happened.”

“We’re locking our doors. We’re bumping up security.”, said Tim Bouchard.

Both Singer and Bouchard are students who live directly next door to where Saturday morning’s attack took place and are on alert.

Pat Russo, who lives in one of the apartments in the building where the incident happened said that the intruder found his way in through avbasement window.

The residents there have since secured the window with 2x4’s, but Russo said unfortunately, this break-in comes as no surprise.

“I think the whole street has experienced something like this throughout the last two weeks so we just got a bunch of security systems and stuff like that all installed throughout the whole house.”, said Russo.

And just a couple hours before that attack, Bouchard said that his house next-door was broken into as well.

“I was inside when the burglar came in and he stole a laptop and an Xbox from us and I, unfortunately, didn’t hear him. I was asleep while it happened, so I wasn’t able to catch him.”, he explained.

And just last year, Patrick, also a UMD student said, “When I was living there, the people on the middle floor… someone actually broke into their house. I think they left the door unlocked or at least they jimmied it open and actually stole a car from someone living there and computers, electronics, that sort of stuff.”

Since Saturday’s break- ins, residents say they are taking extra care to secure their homes with a cameras and alarms.

As for the victim in the sexual assault, her housemate says she’s hanging in there.

“She’s fine”, said Russo, “She’s a little freaked out but I think the extra security measures are working better and that’s adding some peace of mind.”

Students also say they are grateful for the alert sent out by UMD’s Campus Police.

The suspect has not yet been apprehended.
Prince George’s County Police  are actively investigating this incident.


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