UPDATE: Council did not have enough votes to allow non-citizens to vote in College Park

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College Park City Hall

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – After a debate that carried on until almost midnight, city council voted to amend the Charter Resolution to allow non-United States citizens and residents vote in municipal elections on Tuesday.

However, on Friday, they discovered that they did not have enough votes to do that.

In a press release, city of College Park officials said for most council actions, a simple majority of members present must vote in favor of an item for it to be adopted.

However, the charter was amended in June to require the affirmative vote of six elected officials to change the charter.

On Tuesday night, four of the seven councilmembers voted in favor of the charter amendment which was not enough.

The press release said that city officials are notifying residents that the charter amendment did not pass.

Dozens of supporters of the amendment change, as well as dozens in opposition, came out to Tuesday’s meeting.

Back in August, council voted to postpone the decision to allow them time to discuss having a referendum on the November ballot.

City council is expected to discuss this development at their work session next Tuesday, September 19.