Germantown man guilty in double stabbing

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ROCKVILLE, MD -- A Montgomery County jury found a Germantown man guilty of attacking his friend and his friend's mother in a knife attack last October and then trying to flee from police.

Da'Von Mobley was convicted last Thursday of attempted-second degree murder and several other charges and faces up to 70 years in prison.

Montgomery County State's Attorney spokesman Ramon Korionoff said Mobley was at a condo in the 13300 block of Kilmarnock Way with a friend, when at some point, he accused the friend and the friend's mother of stealing from him.

The two men got into a fight, which Korionoff said Mobley lost. He left the condo, but came back 15 minutes later armed with a knife and started attacking the friend.

"Knife to the temple, knife to the jugular and to the base of the neck, really were all very much kill shots," added Korionoff. "An inch in either direction in the stabs that he did to his victims would have caused a murder."

The friend was in a coma for two weeks after the attack. Korionoff said Mobley also injured the man's mother when she tried to stop him. Korionoff said the force with which Mobley stabbed her, broke her arm.

Korionoff said Mobley then jumped from the second floor balcony and stole a car to try and escape. He led police on a short chase through the neighborhood before ditching the car when he crashed into a wooded area. He was caught by a police dog a short distance away.

Mobley is set to be sentenced on November 17.