Prince George’s Co. Police Sergeant helps mom deliver baby on side of the road

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PGPD Sgt. Cicale, baby Carlos, and dad Carlos

PRINCE GEORGE'S Co., Md. - A 19-year veteran on the Prince George's Co. Police Department now has an unforgettable bond with a Riverdale family.

"This one is not in the training manual, I've never experienced this before," says Sergeant Nick Cicale.

On Thursday evening, Sergeant Cicale says he was stopped at a traffic light on East-West Highway and Route 1 when a man, Carlos Sura, waived him down.

Sergeant Cicale says Sura told him his wife, Sara Granada-Garcia was having a baby.

He says he looked inside their van and saw that she was not in distress. They turned down an ambulance, so he told them they were fine to keep going

"I don’t know why something said I needed to follow them," he says.

It's a good thing he did.

Further down the road, in his rearview mirror, Sergeant Cicale says he saw the family's van abruptly pull over.

When he went to check on them, he realized it was time and radioed in to dispatch.

"I can't remember exactly what I said but it was along the lines of I'm out with a female, she's in labor, she's having a baby and I mean right now," he says. "I held her hand the best I could that everything was going to be OK."

Sergeant Cicale says after one good contraction, he saw the baby's head.

"Anybody who says they’re not scared out here for anything is a liar, I was scared," he says. "I literally caught the baby as he came and we went down to the ground together."

After a few seconds, Sergeant Cicale says baby Carlos started breathing and the paramedics came to take him and mom to the hospital.

"She was very thankful, very glad they came out and helped her," said a Corporal translating for Granada-Garcia on Tuesday.

The family reunited with Sergeant Cicale in their apartment.

"We see so much negative stuff and we see so many lives being taken out here on any given day and to see a life actually being brought in, and then have something to physically do with that life being brought in is pretty special."