Metro bus drivers request police protection on X2 line

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Metrobus. Source: WMATA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following an incident where allegedly threw a cup of urine on a Metrobus driver, ATU Local 689 reports that drivers on the X2 line are not driving until they receive police protection. The drivers say this action is not a strike.

Earlier this week, police say Opal Brown urinated into a cup while riding the X2 bus and then threw it onto the bus driver. Police say she has been charged with misdemeanor assault. Brown appeared in court on Thursday where she pleaded not guilty. The judge ordered that Brown undergo a mental health evaluation, but she was released as the charge was a misdemeanor not a felony. The ATU Local 689 says they do not support the decision to allow Brown to continue to use public transportation.

WMATA released a statement saying they disagree with the actions taken by ATU Local 689, saying that it has unfairly impacted Metro customers and calling the actions by the union “unauthorized and potentially unlawful.” The statement goes on to say that Metro Transit Police have nearly 40 Transit Police Officers assigned to Metrobus.

With the drivers refusing to drive, WMATA says there are delays along the X2 lines. They urge riders to find alternate routes or alternate forms of transportation at this time.