DCW50 Heroes: Non-profit bridal boutique sends kids to college; donates to charity

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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- On first glance, you might think Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring is your typical bridal shop, stocked with the white dresses, veils and sparkly things all around, but beneath all the frills, this quaint boutique serves a much bigger purpose.

 “Fairytale Brides is based on the mission that we would help brides find the dress of their dreams, wedding dress of their dreams and then, still donate to charity after that.”, said Executive Founder and Director, Donna Vaccarezza. 

Vaccarezza had been working at another non-profit bridal boutique when she was inspired to open up shop four years ago in Rockville to help brides exchange their vows style, without breaking the bank.

She said, “We have dresses that are made by Angel Sanchez, Inez DiSanto, Ann Maier.”

Most of the dresses go for around $600 and are donated from bridal shops and brides. Some are pre-worn, but most aren’t according to Vaccarezza.

Desha Adams was a first time customer shopping for a gown for her November wedding. She said, “The gowns were presented, they we clean, they weren’t dirty or anything. Very nice and elegant and you have a great selection to choose from when you’re here.”

Fairytale’s also has a couture line which helps to put female students, like Viviana Coy, through the first year of Montgomery College.

Coy is now a sophomore studying business at the school.
She received a scholarship for her first year as Vaccarezza’s first ever scholarship recipient.

“It feels great. I didn’t have to worry about working or having my mom pay or financial aid not covering all of my tuition.”, said Coy, who is hoping to volunteer at Donna’s boutique next year.

Aside from keeping the lights on, Vaccarezza says the rest of the revenue goes directly into area charities, like Suited For a Change and the Victims Rights Foundation.

Vaccarezza said, “The bottom line is we want to empower women. Our slogan is ‘Empowering women one dress at a time”.

To learn more, visit https://fairytalebrides.org .