Laurel man throws Molotov cocktail into liquor store; Two injured

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BELTSVILLE, Md. -- A Laurel man is behind bars, after officials say he threw a Molotov cocktail inside a liquor store in Beltsville Sunday evening around 8:30, injuring two employees.

Prince George’s County Fire officials say Kevon Robert Edwards was arrested by a nearby police officer who was on patrol nearby.
They said the two employees are recovering and one has suffered serious burns, after they were hit with the fire-bomb that quickly ignited the other liquor bottles located on a shelf behind them.

“I’m glad everybody’s ok, I know just about everybody in there and it was really shocking to me to hear that.”, said John Hyatt.

Investigators are still trying to figure out a motive, but some suggest that this could have been a revenge plot.

“I was down here Saturday and somebody had an argument in there and I just immediately thought that’s what it was when I heard Molotov cocktail.”, said Hyatt.

 Chris Mock added, “I don’t know the whole story. Basically they said somebody walked in and apparently thought that they owed them some money and then threw some kind of cocktail fire bomb in there.”

DCW 50 learned that the liquor store sustained and estimated $2000-dollars in fire loss.

Edwards is faces several charges including first and second degree attempted murder and the manufacture, possession and distribution of an explosive device.

Edwards is being held without bond in Upper Marlboro- awaiting trial.