Coalition of activists will march 100 miles to White House

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Monday, a coalition of students, faith leaders, and community activist groups will band together and march more than 100 miles from Charlottesville to the White House.

The 10 day trek is being called, “The March to Confront White Supremacy”.

Organizers are expecting hundreds of people to participate, and say marchers will be sleeping and eating at local churches along their route.

The walk comes just a little more than two weeks after violent Charlottesville protests ultimately claimed the life of one person and injured many others when self-proclaimed Neo Nazis rallied to save a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Mohammed Naeem, spokesperson for the march told DCW50, the movement is a response to the hate that has been displayed in Charlottesville and nationwide since Donald Trump took office.

“This is a movement, this is a march towards the arc that is more loving, that is more caring, that is more epithetic, that is diverse, and that is representative of the communities that have been affected not only now, but historically,” Naeem explained.

The group is scheduled to get to Washington on September 6.

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