Residents forced from homes due to building code violations in Temple Hills

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TEMPLE HILLS, Md. -- Wednesday, dozens of families were forced from their homes at the Lynnhill Condominiums in Temple Hills after the Prince George's County Fire Department cited a number of building code violations that residents claim, have been an issue for years.

Tuesday, condo residents were given 24h hours to vacate the premises due to, "a laundry list of different items that needed to be fixed", according to PGFD Spokesperson, Mark Brady.

“I don’t even have no place to go. I don’t even have no place for them to go right now.”. said Tony, a Lynhill resident who chose not to give his last name, and concerned for where his fiancee, baby girl, and two dogs would end up.

When we took our camera inside, we saw evidence of heavy neglect such as holes in the ceiling with exposed wire, leaking ceilings.
According to residents, the elevators had not worked in almost a decade.
Markings by the fire department on the walls were also visible.

“The buildings appear to be in such disrepair that the correction order we issued, they were not able to complete and fix in a timely manner.”, said Brady.

 According to Tony, when he and the other residents learned that they would have to leave their homes, there was a collective effort to correct any problems.
“We had five violation codes right? The whole community helped. We had five violation codes gone, we wake up this morning, 31.”, he said.

 While it was a good effort, PGFD Spokesperson Mark Brady said it just wasn’t enough.

“We came in here Thursday and did an inspection. Notified managers of areas they needed to improve on, and they did, you gotta give them credit. They moved forward with some of those projects and made some advances, but unfortunately they weren’t able to complete them all. They’re not in compliance with fire safety codes, so we cited them.”, explained Brady.

At 7:00 Wednesday evening, the Prince George's County Police Department shutdown the parking lot of the Lynnhill Condos and went door-to-door to clear the building of anyone who refused to leave.

Everyone is believed to have left both buildings of the condominium.
Meanwhile, there is still a lot of confusion for many of the residents, still wondering what to do now.

Many of them have been placed in a hotel, but there is still a need for assistance.
“If it’s any type of help, I’m talking about any type of help, please help us.”, implored Tony.

Phone calls to the management of Lynnhill Condominiums went unanswered and there was no way to leave a message.

According to PGPD, anyone who needs to enter their homes to retrieve their items will have to go through social services which has been relocated to Community Hope Church in Iverson Mall.


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