FBI raids Prince George’s Co. homes related to bank, wire fraud crime ring

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PRINCE GEORGE'S CO., Md. - An FBI spokeswoman says the raids at two different county homes on Thursday morning are connected to an indictment of twelve people for conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud.

FBI agents raided a home on St. Claire Drive in Temple Hills and a condo on Devon Hills Drive in Fort Washington.

A spokeswoman later released an indictment which outlines a lengthy, in-depth investigation beginning in March of 2015.

It states that investigators believe the group had and gave out thousands of stolen credit card numbers, card holder names, and forged their own credit cards using encoding devices.

Documents say the cards were used to buy various items including cigarettes, which other co-conspirators used for cash.

The indictment identifies the suspects as: Travon Jamaal Williams, Rodriguez Rodney Lomax Norman, Nathaneal Antino Williams, Ryan Joseph McNeil, Marvin Lee Mitchell, Gentle Grant Tyson, III, Ebony Noel Coe, Denae Lee Horton, Ronnie Beale, Jamar Levell Johnson, Ashley Phillip Carrillo Howell, and Eugene Orlando Cuffee.

The documents also outline various Virginia gas stations and grocery stores where the cards were used.

They state Rodriguez Norman lived at a home in Temple Hills, but it is unclear if that is the home agents searched on Thursday.

Neighbors reported that they saw several dogs taken out of the home as well as crates and other materials.

"You hear the dogs barking all the time, he had a lot of dogs in there," said a neighbor who asked DCW 50 to protect his identity. "This should have never happened in this community."

The documents, nor the FBI, said anything about dogs.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals did confirm that they assisted with a law enforcement investigation on Thursday, but would not release any other details.

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