Prince William man charged with bizarre crime spree

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FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — A man has been charged with several crimes after an incident that police say began with a traffic accident and ended in a confrontation with officers.

Kelly Robinson, 35, was involved in a car accident along Little River Turnpike on Saturday morning. Police say that he fled the scene along with his dog, running toward Little River Shopping Center, and tried to carjack a woman.

The woman went to get help from a security officer, who reportedly confronted Robinson. Police say that Robinson pulled a knife, sliced the security officer, and demanded car keys.

Officers report that as they arrived on scene, Robinson was driving around in the security officer’s car, ramming other vehicles in the parking lot and then crashing into a building.

The officers confronted Robinson. They say he failed to cooperate with them, at which point they Tased him and used pepper spray to subdue him. Robinson was taken to the hospital for treatment of “lacerations”, an injury police say he had before they confronted him. Other people involved in the incident were also treated, all for non-life threatening injuries.