Five suspects arrested in Silver Spring home invasion

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Sayles, Oxely, Johnson, Alaameri (AJEO NOT PICTURED - JUVENILE)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — Five suspects have been arrested as part of an investigation into a home invasion that began August 1 and carried into the morning of August 2.

Around 9 p.m. the night the home invasion began, two residents of the house on the 8800 block of Manchester Road got a knock at their door. When they opened it, they say that five men were standing there, and claimed they were there to do some work in the apartment.

When they were let in, the suspects started to walk around and pretend to conduct an inspection. A woman and a child who lived in the house arrived home while they were acting out this charade. One of the residents started questioning why the men were there, and a suspect pulled out a knife.

The adult residents were assaulted and then handcuffed, and one or more of them was blindfolded. Another woman who lived in the house came home around midnight, and she was taken captive as well. One of the victims says she was inappropriately touched while she was lying handcuffed on the floor of her apartment.

One of the suspects told one of the victims that he knew she worked at a check-cashing business on Piney Branch Road, and demanded she give him the keys and the alarm code. She then recognized him as a customer she’d helped in the past. The suspects drove her there in her car to the check-cashing business twice over the night, trying to get in, but both times they were unsuccessful.

Around 8 a.m. on August 2, after a night of captivity, one of the suspects came after one of the victims with a knife and started to assault him. The victim managed to wrestle the knife away, and the suspects fled the home, stealing one of the victim’s cars and escaping in it. They also stole some cash and other property.

Police have arrested Edwin Ajeo, 16, Younus Alaameri, 23, Bobby John, 26, Dalik Oxely, 19, and Karon Sayles, 25. All are being held without bond except for Johnson. The charges include home invasion, armed robbery, kidnapping, vehicle theft, and false imprisonment.

Anyone with information about this home invasion robbery is asked to call the Major Crimes Division; Robbery Section at 240-773-5100.