Law enforcement and local communities come together for National Night Out 2017

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WASHINGTON, DC -- Tuesday, neighbors throughout the DMV got a chance to share a hot dog and a game or two with their local police officers, as they do every August 1st for National Night Out.

In District 4, NNO was celebrated at Hamilton Recreation Center with the theme DC’s Got Talent.
While there, Esha Campbell and her friends won a prize for their performance.
“We all won some cash and I’m really excited about that.”, she said.

 Even with the rain ultimately ended things in a washout for the 4th District, Commander Will Manlapaz says it was still a great turnout.

“You never know when that summer rain comes, but it was great for the people who came out here. We had a great show with some of the young folks interacting and entertaining us… it was great.”, Said the Commander.

 And, the positive energy was a welcome change from the violence that erupted in the District last weekend.

“We’re here to help and we can’t do our job without the support of the community.”, said Commander Manlapaz who hopes events like NNO will help to reduce crime.

Tai Campbell is the founder of Taking Back Our Community and has forged a partnership with local law enforcement.
He said, “If it’s concentrated focused energy on community, and we all do this, more than just National Night Out, maybe once a week, I know this world would be a better place.”