EF-2 tornado leaves destroys home in Kent Island

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KENT ISLAND, MD. – Residents in the Stevensville community of Kent Island are counting their blessings after an EF-2 tornado tore through their neighborhood just after 1:00 am Monday.

“Our strip, our town home strip of five will be demolished. It’ll have to be rebuilt.”, said Genie Hofferperth.

She was out of town when she was told she may not have a home to return to.

“We were at the beach”, she said, “Got the call this morning that ‘you need to get home, your home’s been hit by a tornado’ and I… I couldn’t believe it.”

We're told that the row of homes where Hofferperth lives was hit the hardest, with the cost of rebuilding estimated to reach in the millions.

Justin couture and his family were home at the time of the tornado and live behind ground zero.

Of the aftermath, he said, “The trash cans were floating down the road. The road was actually flooded up over the sidewalk.”

He says that he and his family are lucky compared to his neighbors, only losing a bit of siding.
As for those left without a home, like Chris Ferro, whose home sustained heavy damage to the roof.

He says, “For now I guess just go through insurance, try to fix everything and go from there.”

Earlier in the day Queen Anne’s County Emergency Management reported an estimated 8,000 customers without power.
The Red Cross is helping out, but there’s also been an emergency shelter set up at Centreville Middle School for anyone in need.