Burglary suspect shot dead by Howard Co. Police

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FREDERICK COUNTY, Md -- An investigation is underway after a burglary suspect is shot and killed by police in Mt. Airy, MD.

The shooting stemmed from a stakeout on two burglary suspects by Howard County Police, that spilled into Frederick County.

According to police, the suspects, a man and a woman, were involved in a string of break-ins when it all came to a head Monday afternoon.

"I'm just happy the police are out there and taking care of us and watching out for stuff like this because we really weren't aware that there was a problem in the neighborhood.", said resident, Kathy Biancaniello, who is breathing a sigh of relief along with her other neighbors after the deadly encounter that happened in their own backyard.

"First, I heard a bunch of police car sirens. I thought there was a crash in front of the house. After, I heard there was one gunshot so I didn't come out and see anything.", said 13-year-old Yessica Garcia Benitez.

According to the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, the Howard County Police officers had been working a multi-jurisdictional burglary investigation when things took a turn.

"They were surveilling some subjects. They actually observed those subjects taking part in a burglary at a residence on Manor Drive which is in Frederick County.", explained Major Tim Clark with the Frederick Co. Sheriff's Office during a news conference.

When the Howard County officers called in what they had just witnessed, they were told to conduct a traffic stop.
That's when Major Clark says the suspect's car rammed a Howard County Police car.

"Shortly after that, that same vehicle drove toward three Howard County officers that had exited their vehicles. Two of those officers fired, striking one of the suspects, killing them.", said Major Clark.

Detectives described the suspect that was killed as a White man in his mid 20's.
He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say the other suspect is a White female who was unharmed.
She has been taken into custody for questioning.

The entire ordeal has some neighbors like Yessica feeling, "A little unsafe right now because they could've burglarized our home and entered... break a window and enter some type of way."

As of this hour, police have not released the names of either suspect in this case.