Newborn boy found abandoned on the doorstep of Annapolis pastor

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ANNAPOLIS, MD -- Annapolis police are asking for the public's help in finding the mother of a newborn boy that was abandoned on the doorstep of a local pastor's home Friday morning.

The baby was discovered around 6:15 a.m. on the doorstep of a home in the 2000 block of Forest Dr.

Malik Carroll said he found the child when he was leaving his family's home to go to basketball practice.

"My heart kind of dropped because it was kind of unbelievable to see a baby just laying on the ground like that," said Carroll.

Police said the baby was no more than 12 hours old when discovered, appears to be Hispanic, and is in good health, but they would still like to get in touch with the mother so they can learn her medical history and to ensure that she is safe, as this situation usually means she might be facing other issues.

"Whether that means the mother, herself, is only a child or whether she's also the victim of some sort of crime," said Annapolis Police Cpl. Amy Miguez.

Miguez added that police don't know why the baby was left where it was, but said it could be because the owner of the house, Charles Carroll, is a pastor in the community.

The elder Carroll called the fact the baby was left on his doorstep an "act of faith" and was happy to act as a vessel to get the newborn help. He added hopes the mother comes forward.

"If you're out there, I know you're probably scared. I don't know why you did what you did or dropped the baby off, but come forward. Talk to the authorities," said Carroll.

Miguez said the mother may face charges for abandoning the baby in the manner that she did. Maryland does have Safe Haven laws that allow mothers to legally give up their child, but it has to be at a hospital or police station and within 10 days of the baby's birth.