Family mourns 13-year-old killed by train

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BURKE, VA -- The family of a 13-year-old girl hit and killed by a train Wednesday gathered at their home in Burke, Va. to mourn and remember the teenager.

"She just made everybody happy every time she was around. You know you were going to have fun and laugh when Reyhan was in the room," said Reyhan Safoglu's mother Emel Safoglu.

Fairfax County Police said Safoglu was hiking near Clifton, Va. with her 21-year-old brother and 13-year-old cousin.

Her brother, Baris Safoglu, said the two teens had gone onto Bull Run Bridge while he waited below when he heard the train whistle.

"And I was screaming, 'Move, move out of the way,' but I didn’t know where they were," said Baris.

Michael Lorenz was on the tracks with Reyhan and said he was able to jump across to the other tracks, but thinks Reyhan did not because she was either scared or shocked.

"She just started to run and I’m like, 'Reyhan, jump,' and she just kept running. And then the train came," added Lorenz.

Baris and the train's personnel provided first aid to Reyhan but were unable to save her life.

Emel said she was just leaving a funeral when she got the phone call from her son.

"Mom, mom, mom, Reyhan’s dead, Reyhan’s dead, Reyhan’s dead, she’s dead mom. I’ll never forget that," said Emel. She added that her daughter was full of energy and packed her days full of life, playing multiple sports and instruments, singing, and cheerleading.

"She was just a vibrant, courageous, adventurous," said Emel, who, as she was speaking, was interrupted by the loud whistle of a train passing her house. "And that’s, we get to live with the train passing by our house everyday now. Knowing that one of those trains is the trains that hit my daughter, but, that was her destiny. It’s OK. She used to love hearing the trains pass by and now I guess it's just going to remind us of her. I'm not going to think of her death, I'm just going to remember her every time I hear the train. And I'm going to remember how she just made everybody happy."

Two GoFundMe pages have been set up to help Safoglu's family pay for funeral costs.

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