DCW50’s Robin Hamilton Reviews the Kennedy Center’s Rock’n’Roll Trip with Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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Photo Courtesy Joan Marcus

When Hedwig and the Angry Inch strut up onstage at the Eisenhower Theatre, be prepared for stunning music, stacked heels and big hair.  This Tony-award winning show introduces us to Hedwig, a German singer whose unusual life story and botched sexual reassignment surgery fuel her music.


Photo Courtesy of Joan Marcus


Leaving Berlin and eventually creating a group, Hedwig’s life story is told as she tours the United States with other members of her band (the Angry Inch).  The entire musical is staged as a concert, so Hedwig’s performance allows audience members to be part of the story within a story.

Photo courtesy of Joan Marcus

On this national tour, Hedwig is played by Euan Morton, an accomplished actor who has been nominated for multiple awards, including a Tony. Morton has received glowing praise from the theatre community, including a ringing endorsement from the musical’s creator, Stephen Trask, who said, “Euan’s Hedwig is so exquisitely beautiful and achingly heartbreaking.  What an emotional powerhouse.  He is otherworldly.”

Here in D.C., Morton is a huge crowd-pleaser, as his Hedwig punches those not-so-subtle lines about politics, power and other ‘inside the beltway’ tidbits.

The music has also received high praise.  Critics say the show’s style has been influenced by icons like Tina Turner, David Bowie, The Who, Iggy Pop and Green Day.

The show won a Tony in 2014 for Best Musical Revival, and continues to entertain and enthrall audiences.  Hedwig and the Angry Inch plays at the Kennedy Center from now through July 2nd at the Eisenhower Theatre.