Fairfax Fire rescues dog who was trapped under deck for two days

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Banx with Station 39

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — A resident of Great Falls got their dog back last Thursday after the fire department spent hours freeing him from where he was trapped under the deck.

The owner of the dog reported to Fire Station 39 that they thought they could hear their dog under the deck. Firefighters conducted a thorough search, but couldn’t find any evidence, and searched the rest of the home for the dog — a 60 lb. pointer named Banx — to no avail.

With the homeowner’s permission, the firefighters began to pry up the boards of the deck and search. They found nothing, but heard a small whine from under the house. Crews began to tear apart the rest of the deck to gain access to the foundation.

Still finding nothing, firefighters removed some of the gravel under the slab of the home to see if there was a pocket the dog crawled into. After removing multiple buckets of gravel, they were able to feel the dog’s tail and paw. They continued removing gravel until they could give food and water to the dog.

After they removed enough gravel, firefighters were finally able to pull the dog out from under the house, where he had been trapped for two days. He was dehydrated and bruised, but otherwise no worse for the wear. Loudoun County Animal Control evaluated him and turned him back over to his family.

Firefighters guessed that Banx became trapped after he chased a small animal under the deck. The dog likely became wedged, and continued to dig in an attempt to get free, which only pushed him further under the house and displaced the gravel behind him, hiding the evidence of where he went and preventing him from getting back out.