Street art in Alexandria helps fight racist messages

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Racist fliers hung on telephone and utility poles in the Del Ray neighborhood overnight Friday have been taken down and replaced by signs of love, compassion and peace.

Some of those signs were made in response to the fliers and other signs of positivity were made several weeks ago in anticipation of such hateful acts.

"The city received these as a gift from a community in White Fish Montana to help show a message of love and tolerance and peace for the community," said Leslie Duss, an eight-year resident of the Del Ray neighborhood. "There was some neo-nazi and white supremacy activities in their community and there have been similar acts here in Alexandria so they sent these flags to our community and said you need these now, hang them."

White squares strung together each decorated with different messages of hope and understanding are up near the corner of Mount Vernon and E. Del Ray Ave.

Duss said the community will get its first opportunity to add their own white squares during a public art display happening Thursday June 1 in the 2200 block of Mt. Vernon Ave. starting at 6 p.m.