Students demand more from UMd. president after student murdered in possible hate crime

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. --  A growing memorial marks the spot at University of Maryland, where 2nd Lieutenant Richard Collins III was stabbed to death in what police say may be a hate crime.

“There is a general fear now that has always been there, but it is much more escalated now because you don’t know who’s sitting in your classroom, and you don’t know the values that they hold,” UMD Ph.D. student, Nana Brantuo explained.

Following the murder, University President Wallace Loh, announced an action plan to combat hate on campus.

Loh’s plan includes investing $100,000 dollars into the Office of Diversity and training a task force to respond to hate and racism issues.

However, students are taking to social media to express their concerns with the plan, saying it is not enough.

“It is too little, too late,” expressed UMD student Clarissa Corery-Bey.

Students told DCW50 the president should have met with minority groups on campus to find out how they feel, and what they need, before coming up with a plan to fight hate.

“We are visible, President Loh could find anyone.  I invite him to reach out to me or any of the student leaders and speak to us about how we are feeling and how he can better address the issues,” said Corey-Bey.

Students say 2nd Lt. Collins’ murder has taken marginalized students’ fear to a whole new level, and now is the time for new solutions and tougher consequences.

“Because if we are saying that we are Maryland, we are fearless Terps, we are of many backgrounds then we need to reflect, that and those folks who don’t reflect that need to be removed from this space,” said Brantuo.

President Loh's plan in detail: