Fairfax police release footage and 911 tapes in January officer-involved shooting

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FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. -- The Fairfax Chief of Police has released portions of helicopter video and 911 audio tapes from an incident in January where a man was fatally shot in Herndon.

The man, Mohammad Azim Doudzai, was strongly suspected by police to have been responsible for two shootings earlier that day on January 16, and was found inside a burning house with a man who reported to dispatchers that he couldn't breathe.

Police established a perimeter around the home on Covered Wagon Lane in Herndon. They say that they could not reach the trapped man in the home because of Doudzai, who was exhibiting threatening behavior and wielding a knife. Police shot Doudzai, began to perform CPR on him, and freed the man who was trapped in the home.

The video that police shared shows the man coming out of a townhouse, brandishing a knife, at which point he is immediately shot and and crumples to the ground.

Doudzai died at the hospital. The officer who shot him, police report, had previously been involved in two prior cases of deadly force. In May, an attorney for the county found that the officer was not criminally liable in Doudzai's death.

The 911 tapes can be listened to right here: