Prince George’s County mom pleads guilty to suffocating her toddlers

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CHEVERLY, Md. -- A Prince George’s County mother faces up to 45 years in prison for killing her two young children.  Sonya Spoon pleaded guilty to two counts of 2nd degree murder, Wednesday.

Spoon, the mother who admitted to suffocating her children and then trying to revive them back in September of 2014, pleaded guilty to the murders of her one year old son and three year old daughter.

Court documents show Spoon’s mother called for help after finding her grandkids in her Cheverly home, unresponsive.

In a 911 call, she told the dispatcher, “Someone tried to suffocate them.”  That someone, was their own mother, then 24-year-old, Sonya Spoon.

Spoon was arrested at the scene.  The toddlers were rushed to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

Court records show the woman suffocated her children using plastic bags and duct tape.

Prosecutors said Spoon was released from a hospital for a mental evaluation after threatening to hurt herself and her children one week prior to suffocating the toddlers.

Spoon will be sentenced in June.  The sentence is 70 years, all but 35-45 years are expected to be suspended.

Prince George’s County States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks has spent time advocating for legislation to increase reporting requirements for educators, law enforcement and health practitioners who come in contact with children, to ensure that in addition to actual harm to a child, threats of harm to a child would be reported to the proper authorities.

The legislation, House Bill 1321 is currently awaiting a vote by the House Judiciary Committee.