Post snow storm, Maryland transportation officials focused on freeze over

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GAITHERSBURG, Md. --  There were some parts of Maryland that were expecting up to a foot of snow.  Tuesday, people in Montgomery County, woke up to about 4 to 6 inches of snow.

“It is good that it was not as much snow as everybody predicted, but it seems to have all just packed down, and it is just ice, so picking up one shovel full feels like picking up 50 pounds,” said a Clarksburg man as he dug his family’s car out.

“I am just happy it is not a mess, it is manageable,” said another man as he scraped snow off of his car.

Richard Dorsey, Chief of Highway Services for Montgomery County Department of Transportation said keeping the thousands of miles of roadways in the county manageable, is no small task.

DCW50 got a behind the scenes look at the Montgomery County storm command center, where all the decisions, big and small, are made during a snow event.

Dorsey said the center activated Sunday night, and would remain in operation until Wednesday morning, after rush hour.

“We are monitoring traffic cameras that show us pavement conditions, and screens that are tracking the storm,” explained Dorsey.

Montgomery County Department of Transportation officials said they were scaling back their operation Tuesday, almost cutting the crews in half by letting their contractors return to previous projects.  Dorsey said heir focus through Wednesday morning rush hour would be the freeze over.

Due to the concerns for freezing and black ice, start times for Montgomery County Schools and Prince George’s County Schools and government offices, will be delayed two hours Wednesday morning.




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