Search warrant reveals details of gang-related murder of 15 year old girl

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FAIRFAX, Va. -- Dcw50 obtained a search warrant that details the moments leading up to the death of 15-year-old Damaris Alexandra Reyes, whose body was found in a wooded area in Springfield in February.

According to the warrant, on January 8, about a month before Reyes’ remains were found, the 15-year-old was interrogated and taunted by people with known ties to the MS-13 gang.  She was then left in a pool of blood in the woods.  The court document states everything was recorded on one of the suspect’s cell phones.

Detectives said several males and at least one female can be seen in the video.  Ultimately, four adults and six teenagers were arrested.

However, the search warrant shows the recording was not the only evidence investigators found.  Fairfax Police said one of the juveniles was on probation and wearing a tracking ankle bracelet, that had been issued by the court a few weeks earlier.  Detectives said the GPS tracker placed the juvenile at the scene of the abduction and torture of 15-year-old Reyes.

The warrant states based on what the suspects are yelling in the video, police believe Reyes was killed in retaliation for another MS-13 murder that took place in Prince William County, where police believed the victim, 21-year-old Christian Sosas Rivas, was lured to his death.