Bao Bao preparing to leave the National Zoo for a one-way flight to China

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WASHINGTON, DC — The National Zoo just wrapped up Monday’s farewell events for Bao Bao.

The giant panda cub is going to China to be part of a breeding program. She’s scheduled to leave the zoo on Tuesday morning and travel to Washington Dulles International Airport where she will board a FedEx plane.

Fans will be able to watch her leave the country, through the National Zoo’s Facebook page, the zoo says it will broadcast her departure on Facebook Live.

The Zoo says the panda will be on board a plane for 16 hours and a keeper and veterinarian will travel with her.

In preparation of the trip, keepers have a packing list including Bao Bao’s favorite foods including: 55 pounds of bamboo, five pounds of apples and two pounds of sweet potatoes.

With Bao Bao’s departure, the National Zoo will have three remaining pandas: two adult pandas (Mei Xiang and Tian Tian) and a panda cub (Bei Bei, he’s Bao Bao’s younger brother).

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