Mistaken identity case: police chase wrong man into casino

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A multi-county team of police officers arrested a D.C. man for drug possession on Friday night in the Maryland Live Casino, after mistaking him for a carjacker.

Larry Browne

Larry Browne

The Baltimore Sun reports that police initially thought the suspect, Larry Browne, was the lookout in a carjacking and shooting in D.C. earlier that night. Police impounded his vehicle and found they were wrong about Browne’s identity.

A helicopter pursued Browne from Prince George’s to Anne Arundel. Police say he “may” have known he was being followed, but there was no chase per se and no lights and sirens were activated.

Police suspect Browne knew he was being followed after he ditched his car at the parking garage connected to the casino.

A team with officers from both counties confronted Browne in the casino, causing many gamblers to “self-evacuate” from the building.

The suspect was arrested at a slot machine shortly after 11 p.m., and charged with drug offenses. Police claim he had more than 40 grams of marijuana in his possession.

Police confirm the suspect was unarmed, and after arresting him they confirmed he hadn’t disposed of any weapons or contraband in the casino.