Former Fairfax City mayor expected to take plea deal in drugs-for-sex sting case

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FAIRFAX CITY, VA — A former Fairfax City mayor waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday and his attorney indicated he will enter a plea next month related to his arrest in a drugs-for-sex sting operation.

Prosecutors agreed to drop the misdemeanor charge that Richard “Scott” Silverthorne was facing related to his arrest last August. His attorney said the details of the plea related to the felony charge are still being worked out.

"We’re trying to decide exactly what the plea will be at this time,” said attorney Brian Drummond.

The plea will be entered in court on March 13.

Down the street from the courthouse and a few hours after the hearing, Fairfax City council member David Meyer walked into city hall for the first time since winning Tuesday’s special election to replace Silverthorne. Meyer said he’s known Silverthorne since the former mayor was 16 and called him a capable and dedicated leader. He added that the whole saga has had a significant impact on the spirit of the community.

"I’m hoping that my election will help us recapture our self-confidence and help us to focus on our future and move us forward,” said Meyer, who added that one of his primary focal points will be on developing the city’s next comprehensive plan. "This city has a tremendous number of assets but we are at a point where we have to make some strategic decisions to position this city for the next 15-20 years.”

Meyer will be sworn in as mayor on February 14. At that ceremony, the city council will also pick a date for a special election to fill Meyer’s seat on the council and decide whether someone should be appointed as an interim council member until the election.

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