Protests continue at airports in response to Trump travel ban

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WASHINGTON – Sunday, for the second night in a row, hundreds gathered at the international arrivals area of Dulles International Airport.  They were protesting President Trump's executive order that banned refugees and immigrants from predominately Muslim countries from coming into the United States.

Sunday evening, the Department of Homeland Security ordered the White House to change the ban, so legal citizens and green-card holders would no longer be detained or deported while trying to travel.

“I just felt like I could no longer sit at home and tweet about it, I had to come out here and stand up for what the U.S. represents,” expressed District Attorney, Rebekah Mason.  Mason was one of dozens of attorneys that flocked to Dulles to try to help anyone who had been detained.

“We have heard a lot of information that, right now, we cannot verify.  Attorneys have not been able to access the folks we believe are detained,” explained Mason.

Saturday, a judge ordered a stay that put a temporary halt to Trump’s ban.  Late that evening, families shared emotional reunions with loved ones who had been unaccounted for and detained for hours.

“I am from Iran, and my immigration status is Green Card holder,” said Javag Fotuhi, a legal U.S. resident who, along with his wife, were held at Dulles for four hours and questioned.

“Questions like, who are your parents? What do they do?  What about your siblings?  How many years have you been here?” PhD student, Fotuhi, told reporters.

Sunday, the White House released a statement saying in part:  Saturday's ruling does not undercut the President's executive order. All stopped visas will remain stopped. All halted admissions will remain halted.”



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