Local college students impacted by Trump’s travel ban

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WASHINGTON – Nationwide, there are thousands of students and college professors that could potentially be impacted by President Trump’s travel ban.  According to a letter that was home, 21 of those students, attend American University.

Trump's executive order, signed Friday, bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days, suspends the admission of all refugees for 120 days and indefinitely suspends the Syrian refugee program.

“If it weren’t for America, my family wouldn’t be here, God knows where I would be, probably still in the refugee camp,” explained Dau Doldol.

Today, Doldol takes pride in being a dual citizen, a student at American University, but it has been a long, hard road.  Doldol was raised in a refugee camp in Kenya.

“Fleeing persecution, violence, tyrants, dictators, you name it.”  Doldol said he and his family came to the states as refugees in 2005.

“I remember that day, we were happy, because our homeland was in turmoil, we couldn’t go back,” Doldol reminisced.

“For most refugees, America is like their heaven on Earth because it is like the beacon of hope for most people,” he expressed.

Doldol went on to say he understood how people feel who are running for their lives right now, only to be detained and turned away.

“It is sad that we cannot provide that hope anymore to people all over the world because that is what this country was founded on,” Doldol said.

Of the 21 students at American University that are nationals of countries identified in the executive order, a letter from the Provost Office stated, all of the students were in the U.S. and none had been detained as of Monday.




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