DC non-profit collecting SmarTrip cards from out-of-towners

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(PHOTO: Miriam's Kitchen)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Did you travel into the capital for the Women’s March on Washington, and did you pick up a SmarTrip Metro card while you were there?

Instead of tossing the card, you can use it to help DC’s homeless population.

DC non-profit Miriam’s Kitchen would like to collect your card to donate to local individuals who are experiencing homelessness. They distribute these cards to help the homeless in DC get to medical appointments, to shelters, or to soup kitchens.

Miriam’s Kitchen asks that if you send a card in, please put a sticky note on the card that indicates the current fare balance.

You can mail them to the non-profit directly at this address:

Miriam’s Kitchen
Attn: Brenda Segal
2401 Virginia Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20037