Trump supporters travel across the nation to see new president take oath

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WASHINGTON -- Supporters of the new president drove for days and waited in line for hours, to be in the District, on the National Mall, during inauguration.

“I feel proud, I almost cried a little bit ago, I’m really happy to be here,” expressed Timothy Roberts from Ohio.

“I think it is important that on this day we just come together and celebrate a peaceful transfer of power, a day of oneness that should set an example for the days to come,” explained Robert Newman, as he prepared to watch the man he voted for be sworn in as 45th President of the United States.

Many on the Mall said it was a moment they had been waiting for, a shift in power, and a president that is not part of the establishment.

Excitement moved from the swearing in ceremony to the parade where people waited to watch Donald Trump travel the historic route from the Capitol to the White House.

And while some supporters acknowledged the nation is divided and that President Trump has made controversial statements in the past – they said they were looking forward.

“Whether people agree or disagree with any policies that are made, this is our new president, and we are one America,” Newman said as he turned to cheer for Trump.




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