Trump supporters react to women’s march participants

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WASHINGTON DC -- For many Trump supporters, the crowds that filled city streets on Saturday were not a bother.

Even in front of Trump International Hotel there were several guests and supporters walking by and taking pictures not bothered by the crowds and protests popping up outside.

Those protesters remained peaceful and mostly made their mark by dropping off signs at the barricade in front of the hotel.

Ernie Spardy and his family made the trip from Florida for the inauguration of President Trump. Spardy said he didn't mind dealing with the crowds because Friday was his day.

"To see history being made was pretty special," said Spardy. "I'm ready for America to be great again."

Randi Berger was upset by what she saw from the crowds. She dressed in a pro-Trump outfit and said she was constantly heckled and bothered during the march.

"I was here, I heard what people said-- it's just awful," said Berger.

Berger did not say who she supported in the election but said she was "undercover for an investigation" Saturday and the tone of the day disappointed her.

"I wish we could all get along," said Berger.

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