Animal control officer pulls anaconda out of toilet

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Arlington, VA — An animal control officer is being hailed a hero for pulling an anaconda out of a toilet in Arlington.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington said they got a call on the last week of December about a snake inside a toilet at a local apartment.  Officer Brenys White pulled out  the juvenile yellow anaconda and brought it back to the shelter, where everyone was shocked over the finding.

“We were all in for a bit of a surprise, we were expecting him to be a wild snake or a ball python,” said the Animal Welfare League of Arlington on its Facebook page.

Fully grown, yellow anacondas can be up to 13 feet long and weigh more than 100 pounds.  The Animal Welfare League of Arlington said these reptiles are not venomous but can be dangerous when they reach full size and are not well-socialized.

We’re told a specialist is giving the anaconda the care it needs.