Man accused of killing DC yoga instructor says she committed suicide

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Court documents state that, after Duane Adrian Johnson was arrested late Monday night, he told police that he had sex with Tricia McCauley and, afterwards, she killed herself.  However, Johnson has been charged with first degree murder in McCauley`s death.

McCauley was last heard from Christmas afternoon and was supposed to be going to a Christmas party.  A witness told police they saw McCauley get into her car alone near her home, but she never showed up at the party.

Police have said they don`t believe McCauley and Johnson knew each other.  The documents show Johnson told police he was walking in the District, and on or around Christmas Day, McCauley offered him a ride and to have sex with him. Johnson claimed they did have sex and, afterwards, McCauley became suicidal and hung herself in the car while he stood outside. But documents state the medical examiner ruled McCauley`s death a homicide, noting she showed signs of trauma and strangulation.

McCauley`s body was found hidden and tied up in the back of her car...and police noted her clothing had been torn. Johnson was arrested in a nearby CVS with the car keys in his pocket and credit cards belonging to McCauley.  Johnson told police he took her car and bought things with her credit cards...claiming McCauley said he could have them.  When asked why he did this with McCauley in the back of car, Johnson said he thought she was asleep and would wake up.

Johnson will be held until January 13th, when he will have a preliminary hearing.