DCW MVP: Watkins Mills soccer player scoring on multiples levels

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This week’s DCW MVP saw the Watkins Mill soccer season end with the team reaching new levels of success. It’s only the start though for Oswaldo Bairez-Mendez.

The senior juggled about 30 hours of work each week with soccer practice and games on top of a school schedule preparing him for college.

“A lot of my teachers say I should cut down some hours but I actually need the job,” said Bairez-Mendez. “My parents think it’s good for me and will help me become more responsible.”

Coaches say even with a full plate Bairez-Mendez made his success on the soccer field and in class look easy. The team finished 15-2 and advanced to the state semi-finals this year for only the second time in school history.

It was a wall that that team climbed with help from its 15 seniors who would contact each other during the summer to practice and play games before practices officially began. Bairez-Mendez was one of those players who kept everyone talking and playing together during the summer, despite his workload.

“It’s something that will always stick with us,” said Bairez-Mendez.

A former Watkins-Mill student encouraged Bairez-Mendez to apply to the Posse scholarship. It rewards students with strong academic credentials who have been aided in school by the support of their close friends.

Bairez-Mendez is a finalist for the award with the hope of getting a full scholarship to the University of Rochester and becoming a mechanical engineer.

Oswaldo feels part of his role as a team leader on the Watkins Mill soccer team is helping younger students understand the importance of earning good grades despite how busy they might be.

“I always like to have good grades,” said Bairez-Mendez. “I don’t like to accept Cs I think of those as Ds or worse.”