Metro begins biggest SafeTrack surge yet, crippling Red Line

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Photo credit: CNN

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The tenth Metro SafeTrack surge, and the one that will affect more riders than any surge so far (about 200,000 trips will be affected daily) began Saturday and will continue through Nov. 22.

This surge will only affect a segment of the Red Line. However, this line is very busy, and is in the same area affected by the Beach Drive closure, which may mean driving is not a good alternative for commuters affected by this surge.

Two stations, Brookland and Rhode Island Avenue, will be closed entirely. The Red Line will not operate between Fort Totten and NoMa-Gallaudet stations during this surge.

Rhode Island Avenue made headlines in September when the aging station had debris fall from the mezzanine and was closed for five days as a result.

Buses will operate between Fort Totten, Brookland, Rhode Island Ave and NoMa. WMATA encourages customers to make use of the Green Line as an alternate route.

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